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Be Revolutionary – The Sequel.

Be Revolutionary – The Sequel.

That’s a title worthy of its very own film trailer, but you’d be perfectly forgiven for thinking the last 12 months was one of the most sensational film screenplays ever!

For some of you reading this, you will recall we launched our be.Revolutionary campaign last year during the first lockdown, and although our new campaign shares the same name, it’s perspectives oh so very different.

Back in the first instalment of the pandemic, most of us spent those initial months prophesising what laid ahead for us in our business and personal lives. I can say with some divine hindsight, our intentions were good, and for the most part, industry forecasters and business leaders did their very best to show the way ahead. Looking back, our plight was commendable, but I say with a certain degree of retrospective honesty, that we really had no idea what was coming. In many ways, the ‘not knowing’ protected us as a society from imploding, but as the fog begins to lift, it’s only now we have some semblance of the wreckage that surrounds us all. Strangely, our ignorance was also our comfort blanket, and for many of us, it served an exacting purpose. However, for many businesses, this need for protection prompted a ‘do nothing, till we know’ mentality – To be honest, I totally get it…in fact, I’ve done it!

Fast forward 8 months to January 2021 and we find ourselves in an almost familiar movie scene. The narrative is similar, it even has the same cast, the same set, and of course, the very same baddie…. but like most sequels, there’s a new location for our ‘Business in COVID’ franchise. And it’s this word ‘LOCATION’ that forms the main plot of this article.

In our new be.Revolutionary (The Sequel) campaign, we are asking our audience to consider where they are. By this, I’m not talking about, the town they live and work, but moreover, their business position. If we think of location as a state of mind about our business, we quickly have the ability to contextualise the positioning of our proposition, the ‘what we stand for’, and ultimately, ‘why we do it’.

When we premiered be.Revolutionary the first time round, our message was very simple – RESET – REALIGN – RELAUNCH. Whilst our screenplay for the second edition is very similar, the vista that lays ahead of us is very definitely different. This time round, we can actually visualise the brighter sky ahead (both physically and metaphorically). Of course, none of us are Nostradamus, and I’m hopeful we won’t be seeing be.Revolutionary Part 3 with a giant asteroid heading towards earth. So, for now, let’s be positive and believe today’s shiny horizon marks the beginning of this particular story – your story.

It’s worth mentioning that my own business and state of mind hasn’t been immune to any of this. Getting up in the morning and finding focus can sometimes feels like an impossible task, but ‘doing nothing, till I know’ has never been a temperament I’m comfortable with. Ironically, my own desire to keep things fluid, is also the thing that keeps me up at night (and so the ‘phycological’ cycle continues…).

This time around, our angle of approach needs to be accurate, so let’s start with arguably the most important fact. The commercial landscape looks different, because it is different! Virtually every market sector is smaller because some businesses won’t and haven’t come through this. But by definition, many businesses now have the opportunity to occupy a greater market share. But let’s be right about this, surviving the last 10 months isn’t a divine right to future success, you’ve got to earn it… in fact, you’ve got to OWN it! This brings us back to our ‘LOCATION & POSITIONING’ storyline. To ‘own it’ means you need to understand what your business stands for, and why your business is the solution to your audiences’ problems. By considering this strategically, you get a clearer idea of your post-pandemic commercial destiny.

Building a robust proposition will give your brand the superpower it needs. This not only affects the business performance of your staff, but it also allows you to re-calibrate your very PURPOSE – this in turn greatly influences the relationships you have with your partners and valued clients. No matter your company’s products or services, to your B2B or B2C audience, it’s time you changed your perspective so you can be recognised as a BRAND, and not just a business. This subtle distinction will massively change the way you look at business, and more importantly, your business, forever.

By using this mindset, you quickly understand why some of the most successful global organisations have created their very own brand presence. You see, most of these businesses earned their stripes by ensuring the inside of their businesses represented the outside of their business. They invested time and money to align their proposition, and then THEY chose to OWN IT!

Now, to demonstrate that we do actually practice what we preach, let me share with you an update about our very own brand Premier. Long story short, back in the summer of 2020, we made a decision to build our very own ‘sister’ agency called Marketing Elect (me.). You see, when it was clear to us that the marketing sector would be one of the first to be hit, we immediately saw the potential opportunity ahead of us. It’s already been a solid 5 months in the making, and we’ll be ready to present our new sub-plot to the world in the coming weeks. To many people, this seems a strange venture at a time when most businesses are tightening their belts – but we’ve backed-ourselves… and built what we believe is a strong Business Brand – and above all, we’re OWNING IT.

I will end this article with hope and optimism that we’ll all get our ‘happy ever after’. Of course, only time will reveal how all of our stories will end – but remember, it’s your story to write, and OWN.

If your company or brand needs to be SUPERPOWERED, the be. team are here to help.


Lee Callaghan
CEO – Brand Elect

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  • Tim Newman

    As always, honest and inspired. A first-class article. BEing awesome as ever!

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