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Brand Convergence

“Disparate brand DNA leads to disconnected internal communications, brand output, and customer reach, FACT…!”

Brand Convergence™
/brand kənˈvəːdʒ(ə)ns/
noun 1. the aspirational state of complete alignment through customer, employee and ‘brand’ coherence.


With business growth comes inevitable scalability. Larger organisations’ can suffer from a disparate brand proposition, which often manifests in inferior productivity, low motivation, mixed communications, and worse still, a disconnected customer audience.

Here at Brand Elect, we work with business owners and stakeholders to redefine the brand status, its purpose and its functionality. Using the intelligence captured through our Brand Convergence™ mechanic, we develop tailored business strategies, leadership programmes and brand workshops to bring about business clarity and brand congruence.

Our Brand Convergence™ mechanic forms part of our Brand Mapping business tool which has been specially designed to capture salient company intelligence in order to better realign a brands’ purpose. The information gathered allows us to record, distill and measure crucial data about our clients’ business, their personnel and most importantly, their customers. These are the 3 brand equities.

By understanding, aggregating and converging the 3 core brand equities, we can deliver solutions that will achieve unparalleled company unity and truly remarkable business clarity.


Also, do not underestimate how infectious a ‘connected’ brand has on its customers, after all, it’s the customers that ultimately define our position, our reputation, and our commercial standing.



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