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CULTURE - Possibly the most over-used but under-valued word in the current world of business and commerce. For many forward-thinking businesses, gone are the days of securing candidates on talent alone. As a candidate, you’re now more likely to be selected on your core values and how these values align with the company you’re applying for, rather than your excellent organisational skills, or your degree in linguistics! Culture is definitely king in the current work

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Now that the dust is settling and Xmas ads are already being fast-forwarded on our catch-up TV viewings, the usual air of optimism promises an even better year ahead.  However, as I sit here in the last week of January, this new year somehow feels different.  Welcome to 2020!   For so many people, new decades really mean something and for many, this is merely a psychological excuse to starting a fresh.  It got me thinking, every single one of us has a decade tha

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Although true on so many levels, never has there been such an ironic headline to an article.  In fact, our headline depicts two different aspects from one of the most valued industries in the UK.  As a marketing company that has worked very closely with construction companies over the past 6 years, it has provided us with great insight into this fickle and unforgiving industry we love. I’d like to share my thoughts on both aspects of ‘the changing landscape’. &nbsp

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As someone who likes producing content for ourselves and our valued clients, I realise in this headline alone, I won’t be getting a call from the Globe Theatre anytime soon.  However, behind the terrible pun lays an interesting and greatly talked-about matter close to my heart. In order to bring this article more into context, please allow me to go back in time.  Whilst I often feel like an eager teenager, I still remember my first role as an 18-year old apprentice bac

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