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At be. we have 3 core services propositions;


Our Consult model brings true thinking to ‘thought leadership’.

Working with business owners, entrepreneurs, stakeholders and investors we build business strategies through valuable insight and effective brand modelling. Whether it be a brand-new enterprise, a realigned brand proposition or business mentoring, our Consult service brings about true clarity to your brand promise.

Consultthe WHY


At the very heart of a business is a brand promise. A brand promise isn’t simply a mission statement or your ‘customer charter’, it’s so much more than this – it’s the very business itself.

Established organisations' that may have once developed their brand promise often need our realigning service, this enables clarity of their original purpose to be; refocused, repositioned and re-established. Moreover, many businesses that have grown organically may not actually have a brand promise to begin with. This is where we present our Brand Development service.

Brand Elect are specialists in building business strategies and developing the brand promise, its meaning, its value and its creative identity. Add to this how the brand is owned and shared by; management, staff and customers – (see Brand Convergence™), this influences its marketing tools and onward communication methods.

Create is also where we build the brand narrative, its purpose, its look and feel, and its culture. We bring these together to form comprehensive Brand Books for our clients, and the content created becomes the crucial content for the brands' voice, communications, and the associated brand assets:

Createthe what


This is the marketing element of the brand journey.

With a credible and well-formed brand in play, the marketing will have a real and genuine opportunity to gain traction. Brand Elect are able to perform a potent collection of marketing deliverables utilising both traditional and digital methods. Add to this our media offering, and there really isn’t much we aren’t able to do. Our portfolio of marketing services include:

Connectthe how


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