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Advantage Travel is the largest travel consortium in the UK with over 400 independent travel agents as members. Most of these travel agents have a high street frontage and deal with those consumers who still want to book face to face with a travel agent.

Following a large research project with consumers and members, Advantage Travel created the new ‘Gateway 2’ proposition. This brand-new holiday booking system for their members would allow them to enter the relevant travel criteria from their customers and secure a holiday to match their needs.

Advantage Travel engaged with Brand Elect to help build the ‘Gateway 2‘ product, in order to sell this new solution to their members ahead of other systems in the market. As part of the parent Advantage Travel brand, we designed the new ‘Gateway 2‘ identity and we also created all the designs for their new booking website.

As an additional project, we also assisted with the development of their new ‘Advantage Holidays’ brand. This was a consumer-facing platform that allows consumers to book their holidays directly. Our initial involvement was to conduct a thorough insight into the travel industry. This research needed to be completely independent in order to capture a true reflection of consumers and their behaviours. We interviewed travel agents and conducted a number of consumer focus groups of adults and children in order to identify their own perceptions and experiences of the holiday booking process. This insight was provided to Advantage Travel which ultimately enabled them to build the very best online platform possible. Brand Elect was also delighted to be asked to create the brand identity and website designs of this exciting new ‘Advantage Holidays‘ product.

We then produced a 10-minute video showcasing the release of ‘Gateway 2‘ and ‘Advantage Holidays‘ to their members at their much-coveted Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Prior to the launch of both brands, we also developed marketing collateral; this included brochures and promotional merchandise.

The Brand Elect Effect...

  • • Successful brand development of two holiday booking systems
  • • Sell-in to consortium members via informative video and promotional collateral
  • • Strong marketing strategy with Advantage Travel Board Directors

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