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We worked with Bertie Meeks at dVine on developing his company’s brand proposition. dVine are in the unique business of upcycling automotive and aviation parts into incredible art and luxury furniture.

Bertie clearly had an incredible product offering, but he needed help to leverage his products as a brand in order to give dVine a stronger proposition. In order to gauge as much information as possible to start developing a brand narrative, we invited Bertie and his team to a brand mapping session. During this session, we ascertained their business goals, intelligence on their target audience, and who some of their competitors might be. It was during this scoping exercise that we established that with each piece Bertie sells, he included a commemorative plaque with a personal poem written by himself added to each product. This was done as a reminder that each piece has been upcycled from another product that had a whole previous life. This unique trigger formed part of his incredible brand proposition.

Much like a combination of punk and ballet, we immediately picked up that the dVine brand was a clash of two opposing genres - engineering and machinery, coupled with beautiful poetry. From this we knew we would be able to form a truly unique and appealing brand, and one that would be full of excitement and intrigue.

It was important that the amazing products themselves featured heavily throughout the brand and so the use of abstract photography and graphics were key. We captured photography down at dVine’s showroom which included stimulating shots of the products being manufactured in the factory.

Once the brand had been formed this was developed into a brand book, which lead to a collection of brochures too. Our partnership with dVine on this project was very successful and we continue to work with Bertie and the dVine brand.

The Brand Elect Effect...

  • • Incorporation of ‘Plane Poetry’ into entire marketing materials
  • • Development of clear brand positioning
  • • Creation of a truly distinctive brand identity, look and feel

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