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Poppet Construction are a relatively new company and one our most recent clients. Its owner, Paul Goadby, launched the business after previously working for large contractors. Paul had a strong belief that there was a much better way of working, in what is probably one of the hardest and most challenging market sectors. From the outset, we understood Paul’s vision and we worked with him to develop a whole new brand proposition based on a number of core principles and people values.

We invited Paul to a brand mapping session in order to clarify his business objectives and their long-term brand vision. Our session also enabled us to identify where his ambitions stood within the industry amongst their competitors. The Brand Elect team have extensive experience within the construction industry, so we were fortunate in being able to guide Paul through some of the learnings we have gained from working with other construction clients.

The brand mapping workshop provided valuable intelligence, which enabled us to develop a clear strategy and business journey. Firstly, we established the role of the parent company versus some of the individual services they wanted to offer. Quickly, we developed their hero brand supported by a collection of well-placed sub-brands.

One of Paul’s future desires for Poppet Construction was to build a proposition which included an Academy, which would provide internal apprenticeships and training workshops for themselves and other construction businesses to benefit from. Even though we realised Paul wasn't in a position to invest in this part of the business, we immediately encouraged Paul to develop the ‘Academy’ proposition, thus demonstrating the long-term ambitions of the company. It also meant that the industry will look at Poppet as an authority for training, mentoring and encouraging people to work (and ultimately helping fill the skills gap in construction).

After we completed their brand strategy, we developed a compelling brand structure which was provided to the client as a company brand book. This included stunning on-site photography that we were also commissioned for. We are now working on further marketing collateral with Paul to showcase current and past projects, as well as scheduling video content. Since the brand has launched, they have picked up some fantastic contracts and we are really excited to see what the future holds for Poppet Construction.

The Brand Elect Effect...

  • • Brand mapping and business strategy session
  • • Effective launch and positioning of a new construction brand
  • • Development of value-based brand identity and supporting sub-brands

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