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B2B or not B2B? That is the question.

B2B or not B2B? That is the question.

As someone who likes producing content for ourselves and our valued clients, I realise in this headline alone, I won’t be getting a call from the Globe Theatre anytime soon.  However, behind the terrible pun lays an interesting and greatly talked-about matter close to my heart.

In order to bring this article more into context, please allow me to go back in time.  Whilst I often feel like an eager teenager, I still remember my first role as an 18-year old apprentice back in the late ’80s.  I was fortunate enough to work at the head office of one of the most prestigious retailers in the UK; Watches of Switzerland.  I started out working in ‘The Presentation Department’, which at the time didn’t make a great deal of sense to me.  My job was primarily gift-wrapping luxury watches for long-service awards, which back then was a huge industry (believe it or not, people actually worked at companies to enjoy a genuine ‘job for life’).  Fast forward a few years to the early ’90s, and ‘long-service’ awards saw an inevitable steep decline.  However, a new industry in the form of ‘recognition rewards’ fast became the new kid on the block.  I was promoted to an Account Executive and there began my strange, but fond love, of brand and people engagement in the ‘Business to Business’ sector.  Over time, my knowledge of consumer engagement was matched by my intrigue for businesses connecting with other commercial entities.

The marketing industry is heavily influenced by consumer brands, and by definition, tends to magnetise most marketing talent, especially as online is now the medium of choice.  I too have enjoyed, and still enjoy, consumer-facing activations, but there’s something very earnest about engaging with other businesses.  For one, it tends to rely on people dealing with other people, and in most cases, digital isn’t the only answer!  The principles of marketing B2B brands is essentially the same as B2C, but there is often another layer of complexity.  Of course, there’s always an end customer, but extra layers require more strategy and often there is a need for added services and products from within one single proposition.  Consumer behaviour can be known, and the use of digital measurements means we have more knowledge than ever about consumer behaviour, but business behaviour is less transparent and often hidden.

Looking back, by working closely with some of the worlds most renowned super-brands, I can see just how lucky I was to be involved at such a young age in the luxury end of the market.  My grounding for understanding ‘perception versus value’, is something I now share with businesses every day.

At the end of the day, the customer journey will remain the main-stay of any activation, be it B2B or B2C, and here brings me to an ironic moral to this story.  Here at Brand Elect we have created our own niche in building businesses and helping them grow, thus keeping my own aspiration to own a Rolex one day forever in my sights.


Are you looking for clarity in your business and to grow your brand presence?   Contact Brand Elect.


Lee Callaghan
Founder – Brand Elect

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